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Chip Shops

We are committed to providing our customers with a year-round supply of high quality frying potatoes, offering several varieties which will meet the needs of each individual customer.

Our potatoes are tested for size and peel quality to minimise waste, fry colour so that they look great and flavour assessments so that they taste great.

Food Manufacturers

With our vast experience in the processing industry, we pride ourselves in knowing exactly what is needed to ensure that the manufacturer can produce products which satisfy the high demands of each of their customers.

Our potatoes are tested for size and peel quality to minimise processing waste, while still delivering excellent fry colour, texture for mashing and the flavour we expect.

Retail Outlets

The 10kg range of Maris Piper, Rooster and Kerr’s Pink are a great option for retail outlets.  Locally grown Queen’s potatoes are also available during the summer months.

The popular Charlie’s Piper is loved by our customers for it’s consistency all year round.   Grown in a dark, nutrient rich soil, it offers a high dry matter and a lovely flavour, making it the perfect choice for chipping, boiling or mashing.